About us

We are Emilija and Ivan.
Wedding photographers, creative folks, dreamers, husband and wife, parents of two boys.
Two differences that complement each other.

Ivan is a tech guy, graffiti lover, toy car collector, light seeker.

Emilija is the reasonable one (at least she thinks so), a vintage porcelain collector, crafty girl, crazy for details, catches emotions .


It’s about chasing the moments that will last forever.

Our work started seven years ago.
First it was Ivan that got into photography and Emilija soon got involved as well. We started working together on some projects and realized that we function really well side by side.

We encourage and support each other! Photography started out as a hobby, became our dream job and is now our life! We love to photograph weddings because they are always genuine, full of emotion and each one is unique!

Our Approach

Our approach is simple, we like letting things flow.
We like to be on the side, capturing genuine and emotional moments, tears of joy...
It’s all about chasing the moments that will last forever, about making timeless images. Photographs that will be beautiful and special in 10, 20, 30 years from now!


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